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Stunning Wedding Video at Oddfellows on the Park

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Oddfellows on the park videography

Wedding video at Oddfellows on the park

Oddfellows on the park is a beautiful venue hidden away in Cheadle.  It is surrounded by the Cheshire countryside and scenic back drops. Now on appearance I knew this venue was right up my street, quirky, unusual and intimate. This was my first time capturing a Wedding Video at Oddfellows on the Park. And is a venue I would highly recommend to any couple for an intimate Wedding affair with quirky and alternative touches. This venue really goes the extra mile with welcoming staff, excellent food and venue functionality. Oddfellows on the Park is full of character with its eclectic mix of decor ranging from duck portraits to horses wearing lamp shades. Being a Cheshire Wedding Videographer, I am  local to this venue being based only two miles away in Gatley.

Oddfellows on the park Wedding Video

So more about the Wedding Day. It was mid July and we were enjoying a lovely heatwave in the UK. Meanwhile Bridget and Marcus were due to have part two of their international Wedding at Oddfellows on the Park. This was the UK Wedding as they had already had a wedding blessing in the USA. It was so lovely seeing two families come together from across the Atlantic.

Bridal Preparations at Oddfellows on the Park

So filming began in the Bridal suite at Oddfellows on the Park. Meanwhile I was extremely tempted to just book this room myself for a night in the future. Crisp white walls, a four poster bed and a gorgeous free standing bath. The suite provided a perfect space for a rather chilled morning of bridal preparations. Bridget had flown over with her gang of Bridesmaid from New York and was preparing to marry Marcus. Marcus had gathered his family from Sheffield and transported them to this luxury Cheadle Wedding venue.

Oddfellows on the Park Wedding Ceremony

I really enjoyed filming the Wedding ceremony video. Marcus had got his old family priest to come over especially to perform the Wedding ceremony. It was a moving and touching ceremony with readings from both families including a few laughs and tears. After the ceremony we headed into the Oddfellows Park to capture the gorgeous couple in the sunshine! Oddfellows on the park has a really diverse setting for Wedding films and photography. There is a quaint little bridge, walk ways, garden walls and beautiful foliage all adding to a cinematic Wedding Film.

A Dream Cheshire Sunset

After the speeches the golden hour appeared over Cheshire and I took the couple out for some relaxed sunset shots. Luckily the Cheshire fields surrounding the venue are perfect for Wedding videos.  Marcus and Bridget had been having secret dance lessons in preparation for their first dance. It’s here as the sun went down that a little last minute practice was in order to settle those nerves. During the shoot it was plain to see how in love these pair were. I love it when a couple just totally bounce off each other and are so at ease.First Dance at Oddfellows on the Park

It was now time for the first dance at Oddfellows and it was a stunning performance. Following this Bridget had a very emotional second dance with her father. I love a good father of the bride dance it’s so special and sentimental. One thing to mention is that Oddfellows on the Park is only 5 miles from Manchester Airport. This is perfect for guests arriving from further distances away and especially international Wedding parties.

Here’s a few moments from the Oddfellows  on the Park Wedding Video.

Cheadle Wedding videoOddfellows on the park videography

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