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Video Guest Message book

Jo Gendle Films / Video Guest Message book

Wedding Guest Message Book

So you want to hear messages from your Wedding guests? Here’s a fun and quirky addition for your Wedding Day with the Video guest message book.

Don’t bother with a book for people to write in that usually ends up forgotten about. Now you can provide a fun and memorable way to hear from your guests!

The Video guest messages option is a fab way to include everyone in your Wedding Video. Let your guests leave lasting memories in person for you to watch back in years to come.

I find that the Video guest message book can be emotional, heartfelt, hilarious and pretty random! you don’t always get chance to talk to everyone at your Wedding so let them have their say here.

How does the Video Guest Message Book work?


Ok so I can operate the Video guest messages in three ways

I approach guests and asks them to leave you a personal message

I set up a stationary stand they can visit on their own accord and leave a message

The static stand can also include a ‘Shot Cam’ where your guests neck a shot and leave a message. (usually hilarious)

Props and fancy dress items are also available for use with the Video Guest message book. I have hats, masks, an emu, a crocodile outfit and even a dinosaur!

Whatever you decide this is definitely a great way to remember your Wedding Day and have a good giggle!

The shot cam is available providing your venue agrees on a health and safety level and provides the chosen shot bottle.

If you like the sound of this you may also like the idea of a Wedding pre shoot. Here I can create a stylised film starring you and your love story? It is also a really fun thing to entertain your guests with at the reception while your photographer gets some private shots of you. You can read more about this in the 1920’s wedding blog here.

video guest message book