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About Me

UK Wedding Videographer

Hello I’m Jo.  

A creative Wedding Videographer injecting personality into Wedding Films.

Film making is my passion and in the last 5 years I have fallen in love with so many special weddings. Every wedding is different and every Wedding gives me goose bumps, tears in my eyes and fits of giggles! So you can see how much I love being a Wedding Videographer!

I have been creating films since I was 15 – over 20 years ago! I am a very sentimental person and understand just how important a lasting memory can be.

The biggest day of your life is probably your Wedding Day so why wouldn’t you have it filmed?

I believe strongly in connecting with every couple. This is why I meet everyone in person before their Wedding Day. Therefore I can get to know you better and portray your personality in your Wedding Film.


Why choose me as your Wedding Videographer?

Because you’re going to get a real film!

Being a female Wedding videographer I am really sensitive to peoples emotions and personal space. The last thing you want on your Wedding Day is a camera in your face all day.

 Stress and nerves can really be overwhelming for some people and I understand that, so I prefer to take a more relaxed approach as a Wedding Videographer.

    I am generally filming you when you don’t even realise. I don’t do staged films and I don’t do fake conversations, I simply aim to be another guest at your wedding that has a camera, doesn’t get in the way and who tells some awful jokes to make you smile.

If you asked someone “what’s Jo like then” they mostly say I am chilled out, talented and very funny.  I hope so anyway!  I was recently called a ninja for my discreet operation tactics.  Don’t take my word for it though, have a look at what my past couples have said in their reviews on Facebook 

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