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Hilarious Stockport Plaza wedding video



Stockport Plaza Wedding video

Right where do I start!? what an amazing couple & what an amazing Wedding! Right from the off I knew this was going to be a memorable experience! Rebecca & John booked me last year and mentioned they were having a 1920’s themed Wedding at the Stockport plaza, don’t get many of those bookings I can tell you so I was super excited to see what was in store!

For many years the Plaza has played host to many special occasions which have ensured she the heart of her local community. From the very best in cinematic and theatrical productions, to fine dining and Rebecca & John’s wedding celebrations!

It’s a pretty breathtaking venue to shoot at especially as it has been restored to it’s 1932 glitzy decor. It definitely has the wow factor for hosting a Wedding.

stockport plaza wedding video

Stockport Plaza Wedding Videographer

When I first met Rebecca & John it was for their Pre Wedding video shoot were we created a short comedy/silent movie film about how they met 12 years ago. They were armed and ready with props and oscar winning acting performances! we had such a laugh and they were up for anything that I threw out there idea’s wise. It was more of an improvised workshop meets carry on film lingo “ooh look at that bit of crumpet!” I think one of my favourite moments was getting Rebecca to play with the pepper mill suggestively now that did crack me up, not to mention John blowing the electric fan in her face for that classic hair shot!

Here’s a look at the silent movie it’s quite the treat!

So on the day the film was a total surprise to the guests at the Wedding and Rebecca & John chose to have a mini screening for the guests whilst me and Cassandra (awesome photographer and fellow cat lover) took them off to the projection room for a few snaps and a breather whilst we watched from up high as the guests howled with laughter and cheered!

We spent most of the day laughing as Rebecca and John are quite the entertainers. They have such warm humorous personalities, their certainly a brilliant match! I am really looking forward to writing a feature film for them both to star in soon! ha ha sure they’ll be up for it???

Vintage Cheshire wedding videography

Thanks to Vicky for keeping us informed with everything that was going on on the day and for letting me raid the cafe draws for props! that plastic rose came in handy lol. Also thanks to Rosie for giving us the heads up on the best shooting angles for the Wedding video and confetti canon! The staff at Stockport Plaza are simply the best! warm, friendly and love their jobs. See you again soon I hope.

Right here’s the Cinematic Wedding highlights………enjoy and leave me a comment below I’d love to hear what you thought!


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Comments: 6

  • Tina Neill. September 17, 20179:26 pm

    Fantastic day , lovely film enjoyed watching and remembering and laughing at lots of special moments that i’d forgotton.

  • Angela taylor September 18, 20171:08 pm

    This film encapsulates the whole essence of the wedding day . Everyone enjoyed it especially Becka and John and that’s the important thing. Thanks jo for giving us this film to look at and look at over again. (Think I’ve watched it ten times already ! ) brilliant x

  • sheila September 18, 20178:25 pm

    Everyone can see what a wonderful day it was

  • Terry and Marjorie Adderley September 25, 20171:45 pm

    Wonderful day , we enjoyed every moment so unexpected . This film gives us the guests all the little moments we would never have seen.you did a great job well done !!

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