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Two Brides get married at the stunning Capesthorne Hall

Jo Gendle Films / Cheshire weddings  / Two Brides get married at the stunning Capesthorne Hall
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Two Brides at Capesthorne Hall

So earlier this month I filmed  two brides at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. The Wedding had probably the best Wedding speeches I have come across yet! there’s not much I haven’t heard that’s been ripped off Google I can tell you. These however were the total opposite; charming, hilarious, heartfelt and dam right original complete with a song duet entitled ‘Forever Friends’ which had the guests in stitches.

I started the day in Macclesfield at Helen Howard Hairdressing. I joined Elaina and Bev  the 2 Brides and the ‘I do crew”. Here they had their pre Wedding makeovers, processco and pastries.

After this we popped round to their house in Macclesfield to visit the pet gang I’ve got to say I did fall in love with ‘Bodge’ the cat though I am a sucker for a moggie puss. Next stop Capesthorne Hall to get the dresses on.

Capesthorne Hall wedding ceremony video

Is a beautiful family-owned stately home in Cheshire. For a wedding it’s an absolutely stunning venue and looks even better on film. Set in 100 acres of the beautiful picturesque Cheshire countryside. I felt like I was on the set of Miss Marple with the venue overlooking three lakes and beautiful gardens perfect for a Cinematic  Cheshire Wedding Videographer!

Elaina an Bev kept me entertained all day with their sense of humour, infectious smiles and banter! you pair made my job so easy!!!

The Speech singalong

Hats off to Tamsyn & Louise who did an awesome job singing their speech ‘Forever Friends’  Tamer also gave a very heart warming speech about Bev I especially liked the story about them hiding in a cupboard an Bev ‘Trumping’ which gave the game away, the two brides were definitely crying with laughter at this point of the wedding. Anyway I saved another funny part of the speeches for the highlights film so you can see it there.

One thing that struck a chord with me was Elaina’s speech when she mentioned just how lucky she was to be able to marry a woman. This is something I think we all take for granted in that we have so many freedoms.  People in other countries face being killed or put in prison if they are seen to be homosexual.

Love is Love and that is that!. I am glad I live in a liberal society and I am free to love who I want so mentioning this in the speech made me get a bit emotional. It’s a good job the camera was on me monopod.

Same Sex First Dance

Anyway the love and laughter continued into the evening when the first dance arrived and the DJ put the wrong song on. The song should have been Ed Sheeran’s- Tenerife sea however the DJ didn’t seem to have it. Because of this Elaina took hold of the Mic and proceeded to entertain the guests……………….10 minutes later he found it and all was well.  In the meantime we were treated to the two brides doing a rendition of ‘Fame’ which was absolute genius! Certainly something I’ve never seen at a Wedding before with the Wedding guests chanting ‘ELAINA’ ‘ELAINA ‘ELAINA’

I had an absolutely hilarious day filming the Wedding for the two Brides. So here’s the highlights for you to see!

Drop me a comment at the bottom if you loved it be great to get a chat going! 

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Comments: 12

  • Mrs & Mrs Quesada Trueman aka Elaina and Bev September 26, 20179:10 pm

    Jo, you were the most amazing videographer we could ever have wished for. You captured the day perfectly and were so discreet that some guests didn’t even know we had a videographer!!
    We love the montage as well as all the chapters you sent and thought the gift case and popcorn was such a lovely touch.
    Thank you so much xxx

  • Nyreen Rae September 26, 20179:15 pm

    I’ve been doing wedding makeup for ten years this one was so much fun and Jo you were so easy to have around no flashes no excuse me brilliant x best wedding ever

  • Bev QT September 26, 20179:37 pm

    It was the best day, it was everything we wished it to be and more.
    You captured our day just perfectly and so very discreet too !!
    So pleased !! ☺️ Thank you Jo Gendle xx

  • Tamsyn September 27, 20179:06 am

    Brilliant montage, captured the spirit of the day perfectly. ‘Fame’ was a stroke of genius, my favourite line of the day; ‘we’ll do the 1st dance in a minute love!’…and you’re right Jo, those speeches were amaze balls!

  • Jackie Davis September 28, 20179:21 am

    I think you captured the the happiness, fun and laughter of the whole day . I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and the film. First class.

  • Blue Matthews-Mason September 29, 20177:36 am

    Aww loved it. Great footage enhanced by a beautiful location amd the fabulous duo. Love Elaina, she use to be my manager when she worked at Trafford YOT. Our team were the loudest and naughiest encouraged in part by Ms Quesada with a “this is not acceptable behaviour” look from behind her computer screen followed by a big smirk. So glad she found her petfect match in Bev. Suprised she has got you doing a red carpet event to show the film though! Lol!
    Congrats guys. Hope you will be very happy.

  • Elaina QT September 29, 20179:23 pm

    Thanks Blue. Lovely words xxx

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