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Manchester Museum Wedding Video

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Alternative Manchester Museum Wedding Video

When I first got the Wedding enquiry through from Miriam I literally jumped out of my seat.  Hearing of the possibility of creating a Wedding video at the Manchester Museum under a Dinosaur blew my mind!!! I am dinosaur obsessed and also known to do a rather good impression of one too.

The day was incredible and full of fun from start to finish with echo’s of Miriam’s infectious laugh everywhere.

A little bit on Miriam & Joe- They told me they’re total geeks (I love that) a geek to me is someone with an amazing passion for something whatever it may be. Geeks don’t just like something they bloody love it and yes be a geek about it! I think Joe fell in love with Miriam the moment he caught sight of her packing some boxes away in a friends front room I think it was?

Joe took her on a date to the theatre to which she didn’t realise was a date until he said! they then had several more dates and ended up married!

Miriam told me when she was younger she went to Rome and visited the Trevi fountain. It was here that she made a vow. ‘I will only return here when I have met my true love’. Miriam then returned with Joe, however the fountain was closed and a substitute bath prop had been brought in for people to throw money in its place, this was a very funny story I can tell you!

A Quirky Dinosaur Wedding Ceremony in manchester

This was definitely one of the most original wedding videos I have created.One would have to go a long way to beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex looking over your shoulder at the Wedding.

It would seem that more and more couples are choosing to hold their wedding ceremony’s in the Manchester Museum, alongside more than 4.5 million historic artefacts.

The grade II listed building has been growing in popularity as a quirky wedding venue since it first became licenced to hold weddings and civil partnerships in 2011.

Manchester Museum Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast room is truly stunning with its blue lights and fine dining setup. They sat under the huge skeleton of a whale, suspended from the ceiling above. Everywhere you look there is literally something to look at and admire. I certainly got a good history lesson when I tucked into my vintage lunch box. To my surprise included was my own dinosaur figure! nice!

My favourite bit of the day was during the speeches which certainly had me welling up! Miriam explained that “Raar” means I love you in dinosaur and her and Joe often made rarrr noises at each other, she then got the whole wedding party to stand up and give an enormous RARRRRRRRRR for  Joe.

I loved capturing Miriam & Joe’s day, so  if  you want to see what went on here’s a look at the highlights film:

The lovely suppliers I worked with on the day:

Ben from HBA Photography

Make up artist Yasmin Schwitzer

Margaret Mason Florist

Manchester Museum 


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