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Best Cheshire Wedding Videographers, Why choose me?

Jo Gendle Films / The Life of Jo  / Best Cheshire Wedding Videographers, Why choose me?
Manchester videographers

Cheshire Wedding Videographers, why choose me?

Let me start off by introducing myself, I’m Jo and I am one of  many Cheshire Wedding Videographers.

Jo Gendle Films not only creates Manchester Wedding Film but Cheshire Wedding Videography, Lancashire Wedding Films and Yorkshire Wedding Videos.

As one of many UK & Cheshire Wedding Videographers

I believe in doing things differently. My wedding films reflect your personality. Colourful, quirky and contemporary  you won’t have seen Manchester wedding videos quite like what I produce,

I have been making films since I first picked up a Hi8 Camera around 17 years ago.

In 2004 I graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA honors degree in Media Production.  After this I went on to have my films and documentaries featured in many film festivals across the UK and Europe.

I also won the BBC Guerilla Prize award for my camera work on a foreign documentary, which I am immensely proud of.

In 2013 I set up my own Manchester Wedding videography business creating wedding video’s with my own unique take on it. I’d seen a lot of wedding videos in Cheshire that were very dated and a bit boring to be honest! I thought it’s about time someone put a modern edge to these films and injected some flare in to them, this being me!

Each film I create is as different as every couple I meet. I always incorporate all my clients requests regarding style, music and content.

You will find me to be one of the most relaxed Cheshire Wedding videographers around. I put people at ease as soon as they meet me, this is reflected in the way I film weddings allowing me to capture those natural moments which really show a couples personality.

What do Wedding Videographers do?

After a couple decide to book we have an initial meet up where they can tell me all about their wedding day and what they would like from their wedding video. It’s really important to me to get to know the couple and their personality. I like to put people at ease so the more I know about you the better I can do this and on the day its more like having a friend at your wedding rather than a stranger.

We then have a second meeting 3 weeks before the wedding day where I will ask the couple to select 10 music tracks that are special to them in some way. I then create what I call a visual storyboard which features music, styled fonts, film looks and cinematography which feels right for the couple. This could be Quirky, Romantic, Vintage, Contemporary or even action packed it all depends on what you want?

Have a look at my packages here: PACKAGES

Wedding Day coverage

On the day its self I will normally spend around 10 hours capturing your day on set.

The day starts for me with a bowl of porridge and a large cup of tea! After checking I have all my tripods, lenses, cameras, banana’s and a big smile I head to the wedding location.

Bridal Prep

My filming begins with the bridal preparations where I’m usually greeted by very excited bridesmaids drinking champagne with their hair in curlers. I love this period of time because I get a unique take on the day an witness all the excitement before the big “I do” Usually I  ask the bride hows she’s feeling and whats she’s most looking forward to, one bride actually said “Dinner” once, I think she was joking though.

The Wedding Ceremony

The next stage I like to capture the exciting moment just before the bride enters the venue! after this comes the signature walk down the aisle shot followed by the wedding service itself

I always film discreetly and from a far so not to intrude on your day. After the big “I Do’s” its time for the couple to relax and let the champagne flow! at this point I usually steal a cheeky moment and ask “How does it feel to be married?” to which I have had some very amusing answers!

The rest of the day then involves capturing the speeches the cake cutting and that all important first dance! Couples spend a long time planning and organising their weddings. And I believe its really important to pick up on every detail of this such as the venue, table plans, flowers and especially photos of those no longer with us.Every detail is important in capturing the day and collecting as many memories of a couples dream day!

Most couples say they’ve barely seen me! there in lies my skill of blending in and being aware at all times of your personal space.

I also like to chat to the guests and see how their day has been. This provides some great messages for the newly weds to watch.

Once the day is complete I then spend between 2-3 weeks editing the final Wedding film. When my work brings a tear to my eye and makes me smile I Just know the couple are going to love it!

So why am I different to most Wedding Videographers?

My service is different in so many ways! primarily because I love and care about my job! I listen to what you want and I want you to be blown over by my service! You will find me to be extremely passionate about film making an being the best at what I do! Charging the earth for my services is not something I do. Because for me I get to do what I love and that in itself is a gift.

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I hope you enjoyed this post on Cheshire Wedding Videographers, check back soon for more Wedding advice.

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