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Hilarious Secret Gay Wedding in Gibraltar

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Gay Wedding video

Steven & Graham’s secret Gay wedding elopement in Gibraltar

Destination wedding videography in Gibraltar

Where shall I begin with this Gay wedding adventure??? Still recovering from such an amazing and hilarious time we had over in Gibraltar. Steven and Graham contacted me last year as they had just got engaged in Gibraltar and had some really fun ideas about how they wanted their wedding captured abroad. They booked me because they wanted a really original film and someone who was able to get creative with their film and have fun with them. They decided they wanted a secret gay wedding elopement where they got engaged on the rock of Gibraltar.

Quirky Queer Destination wedding video

So the idea was to have a secret gay wedding out in Gibraltar and use my partner and I as the witnesses at the wedding. The following month in December they would have another wedding in Newcastle for all the family and friends. Plot twist no one knew they had had a secret gay wedding only a few weeks before with us.

So whilst in Gibraltar I shot a music video of Graham and Steven out and about in Gibraltar as if on holiday. This was to be played at the wedding as an intro for the guests, like a story of how they met and what they’d been doing on their break away. After this film was played came the surprise……….

The Wedding day video surprise

The afternoon of the British gay wedding arrived and Steven and Graham had been hiding in their room all day. They didn’t want any of the guests to think they were at the venue. The ‘Welcome to Steven and Grahams wedding’ film was aired to the guests followed by an i-phone message saying ‘we’re actually still in Gibraltar and were about to go live on this zoom link and get married here!’

This had the guests in a panic! What? they aren’t actually at their own wedding! Meanwhile Graham and Steven were hiding on the staircase listening to the reactions and uproar! The next film was of their actual ceremony in Gibraltar as if it was live. In order for this to work it had to be believable as a zoom call!

I had a right laugh editing this so it looked like the wi-fi was rubbish the sound cut out and the screen froze! I even walked in front of the camera at one point to fool the guests. Steven and Graham ended the zoom saying they’d see everyone Tuesday and to have fun at their wedding, sorry they couldn’t be there lol.

Hilarious Wedding Day Gag

The wedding day video gag worked a treat! And people actually thought they weren’t there! Enter Graham and Steven through the venue doors! ‘Ta-da we made it after all!’ Much to the guests relief they then had another ceremony in front of them to witness, this time with no crap connection, ha ha. After the ceremony we then played their wedding highlights film of the trip. The film covered everything from the early start, getting ready, playing with monkeys, larking about in town and drinking champagne.

Gay Wedding video at ‘The Rock Hotel’ Gibraltar

We stayed at the Art Deco hotel ‘The Rock’. This was a fabulous hotel and the boys had a cracking suite overlooking the harbour where we spent a lot of the 3 days having drinks, watching the sunset and having an unbelievable laugh! We went up the rock on a cable car and watched the monkeys groom each other. Be warned they are intelligent and they will be straight in your rucksack for a snack if you’re not mindful!

The best thing about the trip was the friendship that formed between us all and I mean a friendship where it feels like you’ve know someone for a long time!!! You just get the banter, and click straight away! I guess that’s how we ended up working together as I believe I attract fun people with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs!


gay wedding videographer
Here’s what Graham and Steven said on their Google Gay wedding review:

‘If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Jo helped us to create a video of our secret elopement wedding (which was then played at our celebration when we returned to the UK). The whole process was fantastic. Jo is so creative and imaginative. The end result was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed the process and the outcome. Thank-you!’

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