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Female Videographers in Cheshire

Jo Gendle Films / Female Videographers in Cheshire

Why Choose a Female Wedding Videographer?

Why you should have a female Wedding videographer over a male videographer. Well from my point of view I think women can pick up on emotions better then men. It’s great when you have a room full of excited bridesmaids and a Bride getting ready. I love the Bridal prep action, the excitement is buzzing and laughter is usually all around. Once the dress starts going on there is usually someone with a teary eye in awe of the sight.

I completely understand a persons personal space and when they are aware of a camera near them. As a female Videographer I take a very different approach to most videographers. I am not looking for that oscar winning shot thats going to make my website look amazing. I am simply there to capture the moments as they happen and sometimes predict where I should be in order to capture these moments on film. People need space on a Wedding to enjoy the day and just breath! Therefore I will never be in your face with a camera or be asking you to do fake shots that never actually happened.

Manchester Wedding Video locations

As one of many Videographers of Manchester this is my home and favourite city to shoot Weddings in. Manchester has a real grit to it and an urban vibe. Filming Weddings in the Northern quarter is always colourful and quirky. Being a Manchester Wedding Videographer is probably the best job in the world! to me anyway! I am originally from Kendal in cumbria and have done the odd Wedding video in the Lakes. However now I consider myself a Manchester Lass and Wedding videographer after living here for 15 years.

I pride myself on being as discreet as possible. Most Wedding guests never realise I am filming and the couples often say they barely saw me! I am working honestly but working hard at not being seen at the same time.

Manchester wedding videographer
Owen house barn wedding video
Cheshire Wedding videography
Manchester Wedding couple

Cheshire Wedding Videography with a difference

I have noticed that a lot of Wedding videos sound like someone has died and the film is a dedication to them. This is not a style I produce. I believe Wedding videos should be fun! encasing all the action from the day. Therefore this is why I use up beat music and fast editing to pack your Wedding highlights film with smiles and laughter. Most couples book me because I am different and unique. It is hard to stand out in a saturated market but I believe my personal style and approach sets me apart from the crowd. 

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