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Liverpool Wedding video at the Liver buildings

Liverpool Wedding Videography

It’s high time I caught up with the Wedding blog after a very busy few month’s! so here’s the first of many fabulous Wedding Day’s……

On the 2nd of September I had the pleasure of capturing Aileen and Neil’s big day at the iconic Liver Buildings in Liverpool. I also had the added bonus of working with Amanda Dantuma Photography who take’s beautiful images and puts everyone at ease.

It was truly a heart warming day for me. Having met Aileen and Neil a few weeks earlier for a brew. They told me about their long love affair of 22 years.  It was only now after being engaged for over 13 years that they were going to tie the knot!

It is quite clear to me how much they love and adore each other. Neil especially having to indulge Aileen’s Barry Manilow obsession, which did feature in the wedding film. I couldn’t have left Barry out!

Liver Buildings Wedding Ceremony

Aileen and Neil had thee most personal ceremony I have ever witnessed. It was truly beautiful to be able to share this moment with them. To quote the ceremony Aileen was asked why Neil was the man for her – because he’s kind, compassionate makes her laugh and he tells her every day that he loves her!

When Neil was asked why Aileen? his answer was: Not only is Aileen beautiful she’s intelligent she’s fun and she makes him so happy, marrying her is the best day of his life!

I just know these two are going to be very happy together for the rest of their lives. It was a pleasure being able to share these beautiful moments and emotions with them.

I hope you enjoyed this Liverpool Wedding video, you might also like to read about having animals at your Wedding here

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