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Clough Bottom Wedding Video

Lancashire Videography

Clough Bottom Wedding Video

I first met Sarah and David on their Pre shoot in Bury where they had a couple of hours break from the kids. Sarah and Dave were extremely welcoming and I had a lovely glass of coke which usually sets me off like a rocket! Looking round their house I could see how much their family and friends meant to the. With all the pictures and and signs about being happy.  Sarah did admit she’s quite sign obsessed which I love!

I loved hearing about their first date which included a night around Bury complete with a giant garlic cheese wheel. Sarah had to try and force into her handbag! it must have been love or the fact that Dave resembles James Corden.

Their Wedding had a festival theme to it and from the moment Sarah gave me the Wedding invite. I knew I was going to be in for a treat with this day!

Sarah arrived at the church in Bury in a gorgeous VW Camper van with a personalised number plate saying “Willacy”. Sarah had on the most quirky vintage dress I have ever seen! simply stunning!  Dave was sweating a bit in the church as she was 45 minutes late. when she did arrive and he caught site of Sarah he was gobsmacked!

After the ceremony it was on to Clitheroe and a new venue for me called Clough Bottom Out Barn  which you can visit here: http://cloughbottom.co.uk.

The Sympathetic conversion of the historic Out Barn showcases the marriage of old, traditional materials with modern, new, environmentally friendly building elements.

Clough Bottom Wedding Venue

The Out Barn at Clough Bottom is unique and could be yours exclusively for a weekend. It will accommodate approximately 120 guests for a seated wedding breakfast. Clough Bottom has stunning views towards Pendle Hill for memorable Wedding videos.

 In front of me was a stunning view of the Lancashire countryside, a bouncy castle, a giant boat slide a bucking bronko. Not forgetting the woman dressed as a flamingo I think? giving out V.I.P wrist bands. I’d just walked into mini Glastonbury it seemed. I loved the wooden bench they had for people to write on instead of a guest book.

On the day I got to work with Neil Parry Photography, who does some amazing fine art style photography, well worth a look you can find his work here: Neil Parry

What really touched me on the day was the absolute devotion and love these to have for each other. Every time I looked at them I could see how utterly besotted they were with each other. They had both lost their fathers fairly recently. As a tribute to them they had a second dance in honour of them. Dancing to the song “Dance with my father” this I found emotionally hard to film.

Anyway we will end on a happy note, the day was amazing, quirky, hilarious and the way I would want my wedding if the time ever arrives?

Clough Bottom wedding video


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