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Cheshire wedding video- Rowton Hall

Rowton Hall Wedding Videography

Hello all you lovely readers it’s been a while since I last did a blog as I have been super busy with the start of Wedding season! As a Cheshire wedding video creator I love getting out into the countryside especially at Rowton Hall.

Now I have a cup of tea in hand its time to tell you all about Abbey & Dave’s gorgeous day at Rowton Hall in Cheshire.

It was a bright Monday morning on the 30th of March when I arrived at Rowton Hall. The place was buzzing with activity when I arrived and I had a good feeling about the day ahead.

Abbey was busy in her suite getting ready amongst many gorgeously dressed children and bridesmaids.

Dave was downstairs getting ever more emotional pacing the corridor.

The Wedding service was beautiful, I have never seen two people speak their vow’s with such sincerity and meaning! so much so that I actually welled up myself!

Having got to know Abbey and Dave and how much their day meant to them I felt very immersed in all the emotions that were taking place. If you know me personally then you know I’m a proper romantic and when I see such gorgeous genuine displays of love I just melt!

When I first met Abbey and Dave I could see how perfectly matched they are together and when Abbey mentioned how much she loved my work and stalked my Facebook page I knew I could go to town on this film! Lets just say I added a bonus section they weren’t expecting as I knew it would make their day!! ( It pays to go the extra mile in my book)

Wedding Film Review

After receiving the Film Abbey sent me some very kind words which I will share with you now……

Were going to give up our TV license next week, there’ll be no need for it!

Oh my days, where to start?!?! We have just watched our Dvd for the first time. I can’t tell you how happy we are with how it came out. Watching it takes us right back to the day, Jo has the most amazing ability to capture the emotion, fun and feeling of the day and packed it full with all the best bits. Jo is so down to earth, so brilliant and so fabulous, you would be crazy not to have her part of your day! Thank you thank you thank you, you bloody star!!!!! Xxx

Can’t believe we got a bonus feature!!! Loved every second of it, we’ve watched it twice already tonight, and I reckon I will watch it a few times tomorrow ( and the day after!!) I honestly can’t recommend you highly enough Jo, I don’t think you know just how fabulous you are! Thank you so much!!! Xx”

Reviews don’t come better than that thanks for letting me be part of your day Abbey and Dave!!!!!

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