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My reflections as a Wedding Videographer in 2020

Jo Gendle Films / End of Year Review  / My reflections as a Wedding Videographer in 2020
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Hello all you lovely people! It’s fair to say it’s been a funny year for me as a wedding videographer. I’m sure some people will be glad to see the back of 2020. In these troubling times it’s been so nice to see communities come together and support each other. People actually started saying hello in the street to strangers! Sir Tom raised 30 million walking round his garden and people came together like never before….on zoom lol. My wedding work got featured in Hello magazine as one of the last weddings pre lockdown and I also got myself on BBC Radio with my comedy work!

Despite this it has been a tough year having to cancel 35 weddings, but luckily I have managed to move most of them to 2021/22 so thanks to all the lovely couples who have worked with me to be able to do this.

Manchester wedding videographer

As a wedding videographer I managed to shoot about 5 weddings this year, and despite 3 having covid restrictions this didn’t put a downer on the day. I think people are starting to realize that it’s not about the numbers. It’s about the love in the room, the meaning of the ceremony and the special union between two people. The big or small all the weddings I have filmed this year have been special. I honestly don’t think it matters if you get married with 15 people or 150! It’s the love in the room that shines through on every occasion.

Here’s a look at my rather reduced 2020 Wedding Videography Showreel

Jo Gendle Films gets featured on the BBC!

So with time on my hands I decided people needed a good laugh! So I created a comedy lock-down answerphone series and had it aired on BBC Radio Manchester! I am currently writing another series about two friends setting up various business ventures in a pandemic called ‘Bill & Maurice‘.

Volunteering Videographer

I might not have had the year I was expecting but on the plus side I have had the opportunity to become a volunteer. I have been making films for the Seashell Trust which helps and educates young people with autism.  It’s been great making interactive fun films for them whilst supporting play time and sports events with team LUSU. In addition I have been learning sign language and have passed my first foundation course!

So not a bad year when I think about it, It’s not the money you earn it’s the difference you make to people. Always work with Joy in your heart and laughter in your soul and you will make that difference.

Happy New Year to you all

Love Jo xxx


If you would like to book for 2021/2022 then why not have a look at my package page

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  • Sarah March 1, 20211:14 pm

    I need to book you now! are you free the 7th of August Jo?

  • Jo March 1, 20211:16 pm

    Absolutely! I’ll send you over some details now x

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